Catholic North Spencer

God is more willing to forgive than we are to ask!

Our Mission

Our Mission Statement is, As a faith filled community guided by the Holy Spirit with Christ as our model and Saint Francis of Assisi as our patron, we are called together to live God’s Word through Worship, Evangelization, Welcoming, and Caring of all people in building together the Kingdom of God.

Our hope is that our website will acquaint you with all our parish has to offer. Our parishioners join us in extending to you an invitation to join us for Mass.

Together We Serve As one


Mary, Help of Christians

St. Joseph Catholic Church

St. Nicholas Catholic Church

The Mother can help show you the right path.

A visit to St.Joseph Catholic Church has given us the peace.

A church which has stood to serve people.

Our History

The History of Our Three Parishes

The histories of our parishes tell the story of our thriving parishes as we know them today. A brief historical account of each of our parishes is below. For further historical information please reference our Tri-Parish Directory or contact our Central office for further information.

The Catholic Community of North Spence

We strive to make sure that youth are aware of what makes them a good Christian.

Vocation Commission

The Mission of the Christian Vocation Commission is to provide opportunities for all members of our parishes to develop and strengthen each person’s own vocation in life, which is our way to God. Examples of activties include Marriage Enrichment, Anniversary Dinner, Prayers for Vocations, Healthy Ministry, and Engaged Encounter.

Youth Information

Our Youth Ministry Program is a united effort of our three parishes. We strive to involve our youth in the life of our parishes through spiritual, social, and service activities. Please join us for any of our upcoming activities or contact the parish office to volunteer.

Parish Council

The Parish Pastoral Executive Council is a consultative body assisting the Pastor in ministering to the parishioners of the Catholic Community of North Spencer.The Parish Pastoral Executive Council also encourages, coordinates, and directs the parish commissions and organizations to implement parish goals.

Latest Updates

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Things to Know Before You Start Playing at a Casino

Playing at a Sacino Club Thai casino is a fun activity that we all enjoy doing. The kind of fun and excitement that is going to fill our minds is something that cannot be valued. We tend to go about playing numerous games that leave a huge impact. But apart from all the fun, there are certain things that you need to be aware of. So, for all the first-timers, here are things to know before you start playing at a casino ไทย คา สิ โน.

Play Games That You Know

Although this goes without saying, there are individuals who tend to play games without knowing the basics. This is one of the biggest mistakes that one could possibly do at a casino. Since most of the games involve gambling, you might lose a lot of money if you go about betting without understanding the whole concept. Plus, you cannot learn the rules as you play since that’s not how things work. Hence, either learn these games or don’t play.

Money Management

Money Management

First-timers come with a lot of cash, expecting returns in significant figures. If you have such hopes, then you need to squash them before you enter the casino. Winning is a matter of luck and strategy. So, if you want to win, then you need to follow a particular procedure that will guide you through victory. At first, you need to have a specific set of amount that you are planning on investing, and you must never go beyond. Stay well within your limits and have control over your actions.

Never Get Drunk

We understand that you are here for fun and might not hesitate to go overboard. But you should know your limits. If you are planning on drinking and gambling, then you might end of losing a lot of money. On the other hand, since casinos do not offer free drinks, you will end up losing more than expected. So maintaining a limit is an essential task that you need to follow if you wish to stay out of trouble. Hence, be a good kid.

Never Cheat

Never Cheat

Cheating at a casino is the last thing that needs to be on your mind since it is a place that comes under high surveillance. People keep monitoring tables and the management also pays close attention to the security cameras. So, regardless of how innovative your plan might be, do not cheat.


A casino is a public place that is home to a lot of people. So, if you wish to be a part of this place, then you need to treat it in the same manner. Following the rules and regulations is the right way to move forward.


Things to Know Before Playing Online Casino Slot Game

Online gambling is not something new since it has already created a wave of gamers that are enthusiastic about the same. The matters of convenience are things that take things further and make it possible for everyone to start gambling. Casino slots in winbet2u are another addition that has also advanced the growth of demand. But before you start playing them, there are certain things that you should know about. So, to shed more light about the same, here are things to know before you start playing mafia สล็อต online casino slot game.

The Concept of Trustworthiness

Every single casino that you come across might not be trustworthy, nor will it be the ideal place for you to start playing. This is a fact that you need to understand and evaluate on your own. Check all the options that are available and pick the right one that is verified. If these casinos are regulated by gambling authority, then you can go ahead and start playing. Apart from that, if a website has positive reviews in mafia slot ทั้งหมด, then again, you can be assured that they are top-notch. Hence, start looking for the right signs.

The Methods of Banking

Methods of Banking

The ways of banking is another determinant that talks about quality and you should always look for such instances. When a casino has all the proper banking requirements, then they are accepted everywhere, and things will be more precise. These compatible methods welcome more people, and the user experience will be worthwhile. Thanks to traffic, the website will move ahead and try to make things comfortable and adaptable.

Lookout for Bonuses

A unique benefit of playing with slots is that you can enjoy bonuses to a large extent. They might be free and will help you advance further into the game with the right kind of enthusiasm. Thanks to the arrival of free money, you will be able to enjoy things to a large extent, leaving complaints far behind. But before you dive into the concept of bonuses, you need to check their background. There are a lot of websites that offer bonuses, but they might not be valid and accurate in the right sense. So, do not get carried away by bonuses, instead, start checking whether they are true or not.


The Hidden Message

There are a lot of things that appear on the website stating claims and bonuses that is solely responsible for unexpected actions. But before you start believing them, you need to look out for a small message that talks about its validity. At times, such things pop up due to promotional purposes and will start quoting terms and conditions later on. So, keep your head straight and read everything to the point.

Tips and Tricks

Tips and Tricks that Develop Your Odds at Craps

Craps is one of the most popular games at the casino 711 kelab , and people run towards getting a chance to play the game. This particular game takes you in the right way, as you will always remember the kind of fun that you had while playing. Thanks to a low house edge, people have numerous reasons to choose this game. But amateurs might find all this to be confusing since they might not understand the terms and conditions of the game. So, for all those interested in playing craps, here are some tips that might help you out.

Tutorials and Programs

Tutorials and Programs

If you are a first-timer, then you might have the right start by playing the game without understanding the basics. So, you need to attend certain classes where they educate you about the same. Such events take place at casinos and various other places. Once you find the right class, you can move ahead into learning rules that take you through the entire process of the game. Hence, start searching for courses that will educate you about the game of craps.

The Odds Bet

The odds bet is an essential part of the game, and you need to remember that. But before you go about placing these bets, you need to understand the maximum limit, as it decides the extent of the game. Such signs will be indicted at the table, and you need to look into these matters before moving into gaming. The odds bet is also the only bet that pays off its true odds in the entire casino. This, in turn, reduces the house edge, and the whole thing continues. So, start learning all about the odds bet.

The More, the Better

By now, you might have understood the importance of the odds bet. Keeping that in mind, you need to start by placing more bets into the same. In other words, you should place more money into it since it is the best way to lower the house edge. But before going into this, you need to understand the rules of the casino. At certain places, you are allowed a maximum of 3 or 4 times, and that is the right limit. Hence, learn the law of the land and make moves accordingly.

Avoid Complications

Avoid Complications

As an amateur, it is better for you not to enter into circumstances that might question your moves to a large extent. The moment you enter into complicated bets, you are increasing the house edge, and that makes matters hard. So, while playing the game, stick to the normal routine and avoid complicated bets at all times. Hence, follow all these rules and make the most out of them.

Minimize Risks

Steps to Minimize Risks When Gambling

Risks are part of any investment or business venture 大马彩马来西亚 . They occur depending upon the situation and the way things turn out to be. Although it is impossible to avoid them, there are things that might help to reduce the impacts. Yes, that’s right. Particular strategies that are part of the rule book helps to explain ways that minimizes its effects and help you save a lot of time and money. The same concept plays a major role when it comes to the field of gambling. So, for all the gamblers out there, here are some steps that help to reduce the risks.

The Betting Amount

Before you enter a casino, you need to have a plan that talks about the amount of money that you are going to invest. This particular amount should help you advance in games that you want to play and at the same time should keep things within limits. By doing so, you are following an approach that drafts things in the right direction. Hence, understand your limits and keep them on track.

Betting Amount

Strategies and Methods

Whether you are an amateur or an experienced player, you need a strategy that will help you go far in the game. These strategies should be on par with the mode of the game, helping you make moves that are anticipated by other players. So, you need to sit down and come up with methods that are unique and different from the rest.

Online Gambling

The digital world of online gambling is no different, as things are quite the same. But a unique part about this platform is that it offers certain rewards that come in handy at times. These casinos have concepts like promotion, and they go a long way in helping you earn a little extra. You are also given a choice to join tournaments that are based on your preferences and help you manoeuvre in the field. Hence, you need to be well aware of these events as they come with a time stamp.

The Right Time to Stop

People who begin gambling for the first time tend to get attached to the game and continue playing for hours together. This particular habit is not suitable for amateurs and can even lead to addictions. So this brings in the need for setting a time limit on your gaming, and you should play once you’ve exhausted your limit.

Intoxicated Mind

When it comes to money, it is safe that you remain sober and handle things the right way. Gambling, while you are drunk or under the influence of substances, is not the proper way to go forward, as you might end up making mistakes that haunt you for the rest of your lives.


Travel Destination

INDIA: The best travel destination

India, also called as the republic of India is the south Asian country located in the continent of Asia. It is the seventh largest country (by area) and the second most populous country in the world. The national language of India is Hindi that was originated from the ancient Sanskrit. The government of India practices a democratic parliamentary regiment over its citizens. It is also the 2nd most populous democracy in the world. The currency of India is the rupee.

All the facts aside, India is one of the most visited countries in the world because of its rich heritage and cultural diversity. Not only that, the country is widely famous for its indigenous spices, herbs and distinct wildlife. India is a developing country but yet still the Indian market is simply flourishing.

facts aside

Any traveller’s first thought for visiting a place that would help him find his inner self is India. She is the epitome of all things beautiful, traditional, ancient and just purely soul fulfilling. For a person interested in the ancient ruins and architecture, the north side of India is a must-visit. For a person interested in the diversity of food culture, this is the place to visit for all four sides (North, South, East and West) of India have distinctive food habits. If you’re searching for mental peace and health, the number of ancient yoga and Vedic centres for meditation located in the furthest and deepest of India must be the place to start.

For any person travelling to India, the following places are amongst the must-visit criteria:

  1. Goa
  2. Bali
  3. Kerala

India’s geographical placement ensures that the huge country has all types of climates and habitat for different flora and fauna to flourish. From the snow-capped mountains of the Himalayas, the beautiful beaches of Goa, the backwaters of Kerala or even the mangroves in Sundarbans, India’s varied culture, climate and beautiful places makes a very compelling argument on why to pick India for your next holiday. India never fails to amaze people with its varied culture, mouth-watering food , extra-ordinary landscape and amazing hospitality. India excels in many areas of tourism like health tourism. People from different walks of life come to India in search for their mental, physical and spiritual problems and more often than not, get the solution they desire. Ayurveda has helped in massively increasing India’s share in the health tourism sector bringing in millions of dollars every year. Ayurveda provides natural treatment to almost all illnesses with zero side effects and at potentially half the price. These are the most visited places in India and arguably one of the most travelled to places in the world.



cultural hub

Kerala- India’s cultural hub

Kerala is called the cultural hub of India due to its rich and varied culture.Kerala, also known as God’s Own Country is a lush green state located along the southern Malabar coastlines of India. Famous for its coconut tree fields and beautiful backwaters, Kerala is symbolic to greenery. It is yet another tropical destination for any tourist wanting to relax in a pleasant climate. It rains almost all throughout the year but not continuously. The official language of Kerala is Malayalam and the people living here are called as Malayalees. It is the highest literary state in India. The word Keralam is thought to originate from kera meaning coconut and alam meaning land or area.

Things to do:

  • Bathe elephants-

Here, in Kodanad you get the lifetime opportunity of bathing an elephant. Other activities like playing with baby elephants, feeding bananas and elephant safari is a must-do. The charges vary for kids and adults from 300-1500 rupees.

  • Houseboats in Alappuzha-

Houseboats in Alappuzha

Alappuzha, a city in Kerala offers houseboat stays where in the boat is turned into a living house with kitchen, bedrooms and bathrooms that travels long distances and lasts for 2-3 days. Many activities and traditional dances like Bharatnatyam are showcased at nights while serving traditional Kerala food with it. This is again a-once-in-a-lifetime experience.

  • Witness the snake boat race-

The traditional snake boat races are held every year during the particular season in Kerala where in long, snake like boats are rowed by a set of 20-30 men from 1 end of the lake to another. The race held between different such boats is a pure feast to the eyes.

  • Indulge in the traditional Kerala Cuisine-

The traditional Kerala food is a must-try for anyone who visits Kerala. It is basically an everyday meal which is served on a banana leaf and has over 28 items. Starting from pickles and chips, including red indigenous rice along with Sambhar, rasam and pullisherry and finally ending with a payasam, it comprises of a true Malayalee’s food habits.

  • Watch a Kathakali performance-

Kathakali performance

The Kathakali is a classical Hindu performance dance portrayed in Kerala only. It is basically a story play where in dancers (typically male actors) adorn voluminous costumes with ornately colorful makeup to portray the depth of their characters. The dance is again a must-witness on any travel itinerary.

  • Take a spice tour-

One activity that tourists usually indulge in is taking a spice tour in Thekkady which has a lot of spice farms like cinnamon, pepper, cardamom etc.

  • Get drenched in the Athirapally waterfalls-

The Athirapally waterfalls are one of the most scenic waterfalls of Kerala which are 80 feet tall and located in Athirapally

  • Eat the Kozhikodan biriyani and local Kerala snacks-

The Kozhikodan biriyani is famous for its delicious mix of spices and biriyani rice stuffed with masala. Also while visiting Kerala, it is uncalled for t not try the local snacks and eateries which are quiet famous and tasty.